I think I just stepped into a postcard. In a castle in a cheese city.  (at Château de Gruyères)

I think I just stepped into a postcard. In a castle in a cheese city. (at Château de Gruyères)

Disembarking from a Transatlantic Flight and Hiking 12 Miles

Disembarking from a Transatlantic Flight and Hiking 12 Miles


After a harrowing trip to the airport (insane amounts of traffic, being stuck in the Holland Tunnel due to an accident), I had an incredibly smooth flight over and landed in Geneva yesterday morning around 7:45am to big hugs from Ashley and Bo.

Much of our itinerary had been up in the air other than a truffle festival next weekend due to my inability to commit, but I knew that…

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I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

The other day, I talked about taking a private swim class with my coworkers. (Which was awesome!)

Over the summer at our company retreat, there were a few opportunities for pool-time: both the late-night post-karaoke kind and the in-bright-daylight time. Both times I suited up, sucked in a bit (let’s be real here) and jumped right in.

Several years ago, I neverwould have done that. I avoided the…

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This Week in Workouts

This Week in Workouts

This week was a pretty solid and varied week for workouts, so I thought I’d tell ya about it.

Monday: Felt like I was coming down with something so I took the day off. I honestly rarely feel guilt for not exercising, but I’d basically taken off both Saturday and Sunday, and I did feel a little guilt. However, I think I successfully held off the sickness, so it was worth it.

Tuesday: Not…

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Old School Theodora

Back in the day, I blogged everything I ate, every work out I did, every little weight loss milestone.
(Sample old post from 2009…and a pic from that era to go along with it.)

Side note: I really liked that dress. I think it started its life as something like a 14 or so, and by the time I lost weight, the tailor just couldn’t do enough to it.

I was emailing this morning with a friend yesterday,…

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This post is brought to you by germs in my head and even less of a filter than usual. All ramblings, unfortunately, are my own.

It’s Monday, and I’m snuggled up on my couch nursing a cold. I saw my parents yesterday, and they both had bronchitis, so I’m hoping and praying this doesn’t turn into that.

BECAUSE I’M GOING TO SWITZERLAND NEXT WEEK! (And Italy the week after that.)

A few weeks ago, I…

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The other day, I said I was all fired up and ready to make some changes.

When I first lost weight, I lifted a lot. I worked out with a trainer…and that’s basically what you do with trainers. Lifting heavy is amazing for losing weight and changing your body.

And then I got hooked on running.

I still love running, but I’m feeling a little soft. (It’s not the running, it’s me.)


Exhibit A.

When I…

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The Best Pairing Since Will and Kate

The Best Pairing Since Will and Kate

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze and was written pre-coffee. The author cannot be held responsible for sentiments expressed without caffeine.

A day without coffee is like a day without sunshine.


A few years ago, I had to give up coffee for a few months, and it was a dark point in my life with no happiness. I’m only slightly exaggerating.

I love everything about coffee—the way it warms me up inside, the morning ritual of it, and,…

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Fired Up!

Guys, I’m feeling all sorts of fired up and inspired today.

Between chatting with Ashley about her marathon, seeing how Charlie smashed her PR, refreshing Twitter obsessively for news on Dori’s marathon and tracking Meghan at Ironman Chattanooga, it’s hard not to be inspired, right?

Screenshot 2014 09 28 15 05 23

And Shalane freaking Flanagan busting out an amazing PR in Berlin.

Oh AND there was a half in my hometown today,…

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The Links That Brought Me Down the Internet Wormhole This Week

The Links That Brought Me Down the Internet Wormhole This Week

Laura always starts out her link posts with “Want to stay in bed longer?” and I always wonder who this mythical creature is who lolls around, reading in bed.

In my quest to slow the eff down this week, I’m doing just that. Just lying in bed with Bailey, watching the sun stream in through my windows. [Or, I was when I started writing this this morning…]

Pumpkin Spice Latte Tinder WHAT?

And matching with Pumpkin Spice Lattes on…

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