On Becoming a Morning Runner

When I started working out regularly about 5.5 years ago, I’d drag myself to pre-work training sessions with…

On Becoming a Morning Runner

When I started working out regularly about 5.5 years ago, I’d drag myself to pre-work training sessions with…

My Favorite Lorna Jane Pieces

My Favorite Lorna Jane Pieces

Last year, I reviewed a bunch of Lorna Jane clothes.

I thought they were super cute, and I felt cool reviewing a brand that was pretty new to the U.S. (They’ve been in Australia forever.) 

At the time, I just thought they were cute clothes.

Last August, I went to a press breakfast where Ms. Lorna Jane Clarkson herself spoke — very candidly about the ups and downs of building a very successful…

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Workouts Lately

So it’s been two weeks since I decided not to do the Half-Ironman. And I still feel great about the decision, so it was certainly the right one right now.

What have I been up to since then?

It should surprise nobody that I’ve been to Uplift three times.

One regular class, one “triathlon” and one Workout + Wine.

I went to SoulCycle once with a coworker.

I ran two loops of Prospect Park yesterday…

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Throwing a Lobster Party with Fresh Direct

Throwing a Lobster Party with Fresh Direct

I’ve had some pretty freaking cool experiences since starting this blog, but Fresh Direct helped me pull off a really cool one last week.

A few weeks ago I was driving back from the Hamptons, and I got an email from the FreshDirect PR people asking if I wanted to participate in a lobster party with them. IS THIS REAL LIFE? WHAT IS MY LIFE? immediately went through my mind, and I emailed the…

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Love-All: A Morning with New Balance Tennis

Love-All: A Morning with New Balance Tennis

Long-time readers know a few things about me:

1. I’m a little wacky.

2. I’ve loved New Balance since they were a client of mine a few years ago. I think it’s a truly amazing company with amazing products and amazing people. (I got to tour their factory and totally geeked out.)

3. I loved tennis far before I loved running or any other fitness activity.


Also, I LOVE causing rackets. Er, racquets? 


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What’s Off the Menu For Me

What’s Off the Menu For Me

For the first two years I blogged here, I blogged most of my meals, for better or worse.

And then I stopped for a number of reasons: I’d been laid off, and honestly, didn’t want to be judged for what i was or wasn’t spending my money on, I was bored of it, and I was having a bout of digestive issues and I didn’t want anyone to potentially try to emulate the sometimes weird combinations I was…

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Things I’ve Loved Lately: Summer Edition

Things I’ve Loved Lately: Summer Edition

Things have been a little heavy up in here, so let’s just talk about some things I’ve been loving lately, eh?


Pre-Workout: Amanda first introduced me to this magic at the Runner’s World Half in Boston. I tried the Vega Pre-Workout Energizer then and LOVED it – both for the taste and the energy it gave me without upsetting my stomach or making me too jittery. I love my coffee, but my sensitive…

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Without a Goal

After I decided not to do the half-Ironman, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Having struggled with anxiety, I’ve generally tried to remove stress where I can in my life. I remember Katy wrote a great post a few years ago about the “summer of no.” I’ve been trying to simplify my life where possible so I can focus on the things I can control to make me happy.

In 2009, I…

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Respecting the Distance

Respecting the Distance

Yesterday, I had an epiphany while riding my bike out to Montauk.

I do not enjoy biking enough to ride 56 miles. (After I’ve swam 1.2 and before running 13.1.)

I originally signed up for this Half-Ironman because I wanted a new challenge. I had run four marathons, and I had beat my sub-4 goal that I’d been trying for. I’d done some triathlons, and finally really enjoyed one. Its distance was…

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Propel Challenge: Add Flavor ( + Measure Hydration)

Propel Challenge: Add Flavor ( + Measure Hydration)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Propel. I was compensated and all opinions are 100% my own.

For part of their “Add Flavor” challenge, Propel has wanted us to monitor our hydration levels throughout various workouts, and hydrate accordingly.

Good thing it’s summer…

Because I’m sweating a lot.

Propel Hydration Challenge2

The easiest way to monitor your hydration level is through your pee. So…

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