It’s About the People

One of my favorite parts about blogging, as I’m sure I’ve said 14 million times before, is the people.


I mean, not one of them gave me a hard time for posing so awkwardly. (Although, guys? Sorry for ruining this one.)

And not just because they’re always down for goofy pics.


It’s because we’re all in this together.

This being this healthy business. Sometimes it’s much easier to just order a pizza or sit on the couch, rather than make a healthy meal or exercise, but still, we give ourselves more than that, because we know it’s worth it.

But sometimes we struggle. We all do. Even those whose careers are based around health and fitness. My buddy Tina wrote a post this afternoon about trying to get back on track after a few indulgent days at BlogHer Food and said she read health blogs, including mine, for motivation when she’s looking for inspiration. I think she meant that she reads my blog to see if I’ve decided to try CrossFit yet, but I’m still flattered, especially since Tina always makes the fitness thing look so easy.

Sarah also wrote a post recently about being a few pounds above her “happy weight.” I actually thought when we were at Reach the Beach that she looked great, but it’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one who has to work hard if I want to maintain my weight.

And you guys. The comments you leave when I admit I’ve gained a little weight and am a little uncomfortable in my own skin right now and offer advice, suggestions, or just kind words. That’s why I blog. Not the free stuff or the doors blogging has opened. If all of that disappeared tomorrow, I’d still keep writing.

Which is why I’m excited to speak at the Healthy Living Summit again this year. I’ve learned a lot over the past few years as a blogger—and now, working in social media—and I’m excited to share that on a panel about bloggers working with brands. In the past, I’ve gotten some comments asking about how I find out about blogger conferences (usually through Twitter or others’ blogs), so I wanted to let you know that registration opens up tomorrow (June 12) at 8pm.


Yeah, I’m still a little uncomfortable in my skin sometimes, but I’m making a concerted effort lately to be more appreciative of what my body does (an awesome race helps) and what it is, instead of what it isn’t. It also helps I recently was tagged in a bikini picture in Facebook that I was not a fan of, went to look for a picture of when I remember feeling happier in my body, and realized I look about the same—my perception was just a bit better.

So I’m going to choose to perceive strength, not perfection.

Where do you find support in keeping healthy? And..are you going to the Healthy Living Summit?

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